I work with men and women around the world via FaceTime and Zoom for a minimum of 3 or 6 months, with options to extend after either program. This work is deeply intuitive and transformational. I hold my clients accountable for where they are and where it is that they want to go, while remaining open, honest and compassionate. I only work with select individuals who are ready to be truthful with their desires. Please know that I have no "typical" client. I have worked with teenagers and women in their 50s. I have worked with students, artists, CEOs, and people just trying to find their way back to who they are. 

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"Best money I have ever spent. Once you work on yourself ... life just becomes clearer. Situations and circumstances hold a different weight. View points of people, places and situations become less muddled. Having a third party (that doesn’t know you on a deeply personal level) look at you and truly take you for who and what you are is life changing. You see yourself anew. And you gain permission to be you. Your authentic self. It’s not over night ... and it’s not a magic pill. It’s a tool. And everyday it becomes easier to see past the BS and know that you will always be ok and safe and life isn’t just about “what” you do for a living. It’s about living. And no one is better then Annabelle. And the most important and beautiful thing ... you will smile more and more every damn day. She’s a gift and a friend and that dollar sign with an amount following it does not do her justice."

- Leni

"Working with Annabelle was a true investment because it was an investment into my greatest self. She didn’t fix me, she lead me. Like a best friend, a mother, a sister, a leader, a teacher, a lover, and a healer. And that’s exactly what I got. I never thought I’d dive into one-on-one life coaching, neither did I know a drop of the ocean of abundance that I was getting into. Already practicing self-love work, spiritual discovery and deeper-diving, I didn’t reach what else was out there, but something pulled me to work with her, and I am so glad I did. I am more free, abundant, and full of the everything life has to offer — in my own skin, in my work, in my friendships, in love, and in every single part of my life because of how open I chose to be and because of the openness, guidance, and self-serving lessons she provided for me. It’s tough to break out of the shell of society means, it’s tough to face the shadows, to face the past, to love those parts, let yourself be shattered, and it’s tough to face what unfolds when you work on yourself. She taught me and allowed the space for me to be whatever I was or felt in any emotion. She taught me that it was absolutely and perfectly fine to feel and express, that it was natural, that it was wholesome and fulfilling. I could go on and on about working with her, but the point is, it is worth it."

- Raquel

"I began working with Annabelle at a time where I was finally ready to embrace transformational change and felt I needed a guiding voice to do so. In my time working with her, I left complacency behind and said my goodbyes to the parts of my life that were no longer contributing to my joy or growth. She revealed my limiting behaviors and thought patterns and put me on the continuing path to stepping in to my own power. "

- Alexandra

"I was convinced that I didn't need a life coach as long as I just hold strong. I couldn't have been more wrong. Annabelle has taught me to honour my feelings as they come up. She gave me the permission to show up as I am - no bullshit, no masks. She taught me vulnerability, and softness. Now I enjoy deeper and more intimate relationships with my family. And now I believe I really can step into my truth, with the full range of human emotions as gifts, not as baggage." 

- Michelle

"Working with Annabelle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. She has been the best support system I could ask for. Since meeting her, my life is growing and expanding in so many wonderful ways. She's teaching me to love myself, she is teaching me to feel, she has been there for me when I have called her crying on the phone. My life is better for having her in it."

- Caitlin

"Her gaze, even through a computer screen, penetrates your soul, shattering all barriers and finding your deepest most intimate secrets. She brings your vulnerability to the surface and helps you embrace it."

"Just after 2 months of sessions, I see a radical change in my behaviour patterns. I now process information with an open mind, free of judgment. Annabelle has helped me deal with many issues, such as my feelings of shame, unworthiness and resistance. Thanks to her guidance, I am much more patient and forgiving with myself. With my trusted coach on my side, I am confident that everything will be ok."

- Gabby