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Life Coaching

Why work with me?

Hiring a coach does not mean that there is something inherently wrong with you, or that you need fixing. 

Hiring a coach means that you are committed to constant expansion in your life. 

As a coach I am here to hold space for you to grow in all aspects of your life. My toolbox is varied, and I draw on my background in psychology and holistic nutrition to guide you to step into your power.  

I believe that self care is sacred, and that we experience dis-ease in our bodies and minds when we have been self loathing. This can show up in many areas of our lives, including not moving our bodies freely, negative self talk, procrastination, poor relationships, bad sex, low income, anxiety, depression or a general feeling of being unwell.  

I believe that every aspect of our lives influences our wellbeing - from the work that we do to the relationships we hold, the place that we live, how we move in our bodies and the thought patterns we tune in to every day.

I believe in the power of feeling. Of being deeply transparent with ourselves about how we feel in all situations, and being brave enough to follow these feelings. Transparency is about honouring yourself, and staring your limiting beliefs in the face. When you take ownership of feeling good, you are able to take leaps in all areas of your life. Big leaps create space to move beyond your wildest dreams. I am here to hold space for you to navigate your feelings in this process of transformation.

Empowering yourself to feel and take care of yourself in all contexts of your life will lead you to discover your incredible capability and worth. 

From here you can stop pretending and bring your whole self to the table, living life with awareness and integrity.

As your coach, I am here to help you recognize where you are playing small. Where you are holding yourself back, subconsciously putting up blocks and barriers to your success. I will help you recognize and transcend your limiting beliefs and thought patterns; and to connect you back to your body. I will guide you to no longer play out your unconscious stories. Bringing your whole self to the table, you choose to live in joy as your most full, authentic self. You will discover your immense power, grounded in your brilliance. 

Ready to begin?  It's easy.

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2. After reading your response I will contact you to schedule a 30 minute consultation in order to gain an understanding of your goals.

3. If we decide during this call that we are a good fit, I will send you an invoice and we can schedule our first call. 

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