I Will Not Tell You of My Suffering

I will not tell you of my suffering


I am beyond that

I will tell you of how I am worthy of gold

how I can be the fullest version of myself

I will speak to you of lightness

how it feels to have cheeks hurt from smiling

eyes stained with sunshine

moving through the world

with the knowledge that I am loved

in every inch of my skin

cared for

and taken care of.

I will tell you of the books I will write

the millions I will make

the existence I will lead

walking with my head tall

and my heart full

giving as much as I receive

and I will expose my neck

to the expansive sky

in laughter

for I now know

that I have been carrying suffering

like a twenty three year old suitcase

chained to my ankle

without knowing

that the key was in my pocket

all along

to set me free.

Annabelle Vincent