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The Redwoods


The Redwoods

Annabelle Vincent

we run from the city

into the floors of forests older than time

to soak in the wisdom of the redwoods 

bark rippled like an ancient woman’s skin 

and we let the sunlight dance through the leaves

playing with light

and we let the energy of the earth soak through our skin

our breath

and we let the weight of the city

the hills 

the hustle

the tech-bubble

the maniac president

fall away

how can we be uncertain

when there are trees taller than time

and the clouds hover over the ocean

and we look out around us

the passing calm faces

of other city-folk 

coming here to escape

our eyes crave open space

there’s a reason billionaires live on the top of the hill

with the widest views

to calm their eyes

after a day that is anything but calm

working for the man

being the man

even if they are a woman

we realize we don’t need the plastic

the candy-coating to our world

we just need earth

and water

and breath

and bright sunshine

and moody fog

and rushing blood

into beating, full hearts

and we seek Mother in Nature

hoping that with each exhale as our skin hits cool water

each heavy breath as we lean against an ancient red tree to catch ourselves

each sun kissed squint of our eyelids

will guide us back home

to the nature of our hearts.