Dear Future She-E-O

have a brand

be the next she-e-o

taking a nap? 

Sunday off? 

fuck that, you could be working 

Mondays are for hustling

for waking up early

coffee-fuelled 24/7 never sleep

be the brand 

you're a girl

and also a boss now 

never rest

never stop 

because we all know the best businesses don’t sleep

hustle harder

forget the softness

we need more women in board rooms wearing suits

less women in soft dresses
do what you love but make sure you kill it in the process

nearly kill yourself in the process

stomping on every piece of your femininity

to be like them

the powerful

the men


here’s a thought:

we don’t need more masculinity

we need less women stomping on their femininity 

putting on the aggressive exterior 

through the man-made suit

we need more women dressing however they please

in the corner office

decked out with love and softness

running their companies how they choose

we need women for their care

and how they nurture this world


don’t give me your femininity

cloaked in masculinity

I want strength in softness

stop pretending 

to be one of the guys

just because you’re scared

of your own vagina

you are powerful in your own right

and spit out that fucking scotch 

I know you actually hate it. 

Annabelle Vincent