Generation Disconnected

an entire generation

shit-scared of real connection

running from love

with every swipe left


left alone

does it even matter anymore?

we care more about how many dicks have been inside her

than how many hearts she has made a home inside

and how many

have foolishly

taken her heart into their hands

and dropped it on its head

and how many times

she picked up the tiny pieces

put them back together

and let light back in

and let love back in

through the cracks

we crave connection

1000 friends


yet zero hearts

within reach

zero humans

we can touch through

fingertips on collarbones

kisses on necks

and words whispered 


from mouths to earlobes 

this entire generation



we are more social

yet less sociable 

we choose competition

over community


over family


over work that makes our hearts roar

how can one generation

actively choose

and continue

to break their own hearts 

like this?

we filter our lives

and tune up our faces

yet leave our hearts untended

and we let people fuck us


that it was once called

making love. 

Annabelle Vincent