Please, Let Me Get Wrinkles

Please, Mamma Earth



Anyone out there

Please let me get wrinkles


Please give me lines

Shouting my story

Announcing to the world that 

I lived an adventure

I lived in nature

I lived bathing in the sun


Please give me lines that

Run as deep as my joy

Give me greys

Peppered in my gold brown mane

Showing that I have walked this earth

For enough years

To know that trust exists

In my own two feet


Please bless me with age

A number large enough
To widen the eyes of children

For I crave a wisdom 

Only experience brings


Please, dear world

Bless me with a body

Changed with the years

For I crave a long love affair

With this earth

This deep


Human experience


Please bless me with scars

Cuts and bruises

So I know that I have played on this planet

That I know these roads

For I have lived fully

Amongst them


Please give me the gift of skin

Aged like an old map




But thick with adventures

And stories to come

Please, life

Let me experience you fully

For I want to know all your far reaching corners


Dear world

I beg of you

Please let me grow old. 

Annabelle Vincent